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Real Estate in Tbilisi

Have you decided to acquire an apartment in Tbilisi or do you dream about a piece of land or a cottage in Georgia?

You are on the right path! By applying to our agency you have made the first step to realise your dream. The RES Company is your reliable partner who provides you with professional help in selling, buying, leasing and managing residential and commercial real estate. Selling apartments in Tbilisi is one of the main activities of the RES real estate agency. From 1996, we have been selling real estate. Everyday work, aimed at increasing the number of prospective clients and establishing trust-based partnerships with them, enables each client to recommend the RES company to their colleagues, relatives and friends.

RES provides its clients with all necessary information and consults them on all questions- from legal to civil, so that the purchase of real estate is reasonable and secure. All properties of Tbilisi offered for sale or lease are in our company’s data base, which allows us to provide fast and professional assistance in purchasing real estate and arranging a deal.

In recent years, Georgia has become more attractive for acquiring real estate. You will feel very comfortable in Georgia. Georgians are traditionally good-natured and hospitable, and the laws of Georgia allow foreigners to buy real estate without difficulties.

Success in the real estate market over many years, consistently high quality and reliability of service, employee professionalism and client support in solving all real estate related questions has provided RES with the status of a reliable partner. Thanks to our specialists, you will be protected from fraudsters and negligent companies. According to your request, we will find a property which you are interested in and will offer you several variants to choose from.

Together, we will form a solid alliance which will work only in your interests.

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