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RES Company (Ltd. “Real Estate Service”) has been working on the real estate market of Georgia since 1996. The company’s main activity is real estate operations, including consulting, intermediary and juridical service, as well as property management, projecting and design. 
Over 16 years we have gained a lot of experience, which enables us to help our clients to solve all real estate and residential property related issues even the most difficult ones. 

RES Company is first which organized “Real Estate project” in Georgia. From 1999 our company has been a legally competent member of “Georgia real estate association” (GREA) and The General Manager Alexandr Gaparidze has been a GREA president and   a legally competent member of Central Europe real estate association chain. Alexander Japaridze is Founder, Full Member of the Georgian National Association of Real Estate (GNARE) and Member of International Realtor in the National Association of realtors - USA (REALTOR).

In the company RES there work professional realtors, who took a professional and advanced training course for realtors, which were orginised by international property fund. Among our clients are George Sorosa, Batta, Vules-vous, Supper, individuals and juridical persons, state organizations, banks, international companies, investing companies and others. 

Instead of spending your time and energy on solving Georgian real estate related questions you can spare your time and energy for a lot of interesting things and property related questions entrust to our company. You won’t lose either money, or time. Instead, you will acquire support in solving real estate related questions from our company, both, during and after the deal. If you value your time entrust property related question to professionals.

We invite everybody who can be interested in our service to be our partner. We appreciate confidence of each client and work hard to achieve the best results in our work.

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